Which Senior Care Services Does Your Parent Need?

Are you starting to think that your parent needs help at home? If so, have you begun looking for a company that offers senior home care services? You can find many companies that provide these services, but some might not offer all the services your parent needs. Before you hire a company, you might want to think about the services your parent needs and write them on a list. You can compare your list to the services that companies offer. Here are some of the main services to look for.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

One of the most common types of assistance that seniors need is personal hygiene services. Personal hygiene is a daily habit that every person needs, yet many seniors struggle with these everyday tasks. If your parent cannot bathe alone anymore, you can hire a company to help them. The company can also help with any other personal hygiene task that your parent cannot do alone.

Wound Care and Nursing Tasks

Some seniors need help with wound care and nursing tasks, and you can hire a company that provides these services if your parent needs them. Wound care and nursing tasks help seniors that have medical problems. Instead of going to a doctor more frequently, seniors can receive nursing care at home.

Companionship Care

Some seniors do not have a lot of physical needs, but they might be lonely. Lonely seniors can greatly benefit from companionship care. With this option, someone comes to visit seniors in their homes to provide company to them. They talk with them and do things together. Companionship helps fight loneliness and isolation and can help seniors feel happier and healthier.

Household Help

In some situations, seniors need some help around the house. They might need help preparing meals, washing dishes, or doing laundry. They might need someone to come and clean once a week or fix small issues. Senior home care offers these services, too.

Transportation Provider

One last service you can receive from a home care company is transportation services. Does your parent need rides to the store, pharmacy, or doctor's offices? If so, you can hire a company that can provide the rides your parent needs to and from these types of places.

Of all these services, which ones does your parent need? Once you have a list ready, you can contact a senior home care service to learn more about their services, options, and costs.