Is Your Aging Parent Moving In With You? 3 Things To Do To Help Manage Their Chronic Health Conditions

Having your parent move into your house is a major adjustment for everyone. While you can look forward to spending more time together, you may also be apprehensive about how to establish an environment that supports your loved one's health when they have chronic health conditions. As you get ready for their moving date, use these tips to ensure that your household is prepared with everything your parent needs to continue their health care regimen.

Set Up a Safe Bedroom

Your loved one may have special requirements for their sleeping area that must be considered as you set their bedroom up. For example, you may need to move in an adjustable hospital-style bed that aids in them being able to get out of bed and stay comfortable through the night. Your loved one's room may also need to be located near a bathroom if they require in home care services such as assistance with personal hygiene or incontinence. Once you set up the bedroom, consider placing a phone or intercom system near the bed so that your loved one can always contact someone in the house for help.

Increase Accessibility

Depending upon your loved one's condition, they may be able to move about the house freely. If this is the case, then increasing accessibility to prime areas of your home encourages your loved one to stay independent for as long as possible. Spend some time going through your loved one's expected daily routine to find ways to make it easier. For instance, you may need to make a wider walking path through the house if they use a mobility device, or you could install handrails next to the toilet that allow them to feel safer going to the restroom on their own.

Arrange For Professional Health Services

Certain health conditions require care that is often intimidating for families, or your loved one may simply prefer to have a professional help with their needs to preserve your relationship. Either way, home health services provide assistance with necessary parts of your loved one's day such as wound care and dressing changes or personal hygiene. When this is an option that you and your loved one agree on, be sure to arrange to meet their new caregiver prior to move in so that everyone is ready for the new arrangements.

Knowing that you have everything in place before your parent moves in allows you to relax and enjoy the experience. Now that you know how to set up your house, give your loved one a call and start planning the next stages of the move in process.