Three Ways To Save Money On In-Home Elder Care

When it comes to choosing home care for your loved one, you have many choices available. Some people may choose home health care aides to provide daily support and care, but it may not always be the right option for your relative. If he or she doesn't require medical assistance or a registered nurse on a daily basis, you may be able to save money by hiring in-home elder care services and using the following options.

Virtual Caregivers

For some, in-home care is a way to have companionship throughout the day. Virtual caregivers are a type of technology that provides constant companionship through an app on a tablet, computer, or mobile device. The character on the screen is available all day and night, providing your loved one with a way to interact whenever he or she feels lonely. This option can help reduce the overall cost of in-home care, so you can use your care provider for other types of tasks, including cooking and help with transportation or dressing.

Adult Day Centers

If your loved one would like to get out of the house more, but he or she needs to have someone there to provide a bit of additional care, an adult day center might be the right option. The day centers are staffed with people who serve in a similar capacity as home health aides, and visiting the center provides opportunities for socialization and group activities. Your local park district may have a free or low-cost option you can use to get your relative out and about in the community without you having to miss work to make it happen.

Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services provide your loved one with hot meals, which means you don't have to cook, and the elder-care service you hire can focus on other tasks around the house. These services can be geared toward nutritional meal plans that fit your loved one's requirements. Some services serve foods hot, while others require only the use of a microwave to heat the frozen entrees. Be sure you know which option you are getting so you can arrange for the proper assistance at mealtime with your elder care worker. With a meal service, you also eliminate meal planing and grocery shopping from your home care worker's to-do list.

By reducing some of the tasks you need your elder care worker to provide, you can save money while freeing up his or her time to provide additional care for your loved one. This might mean having the home care worker assist with bathing, dressing, and paying bills, or it might mean just providing additional support beyond meal prep and companionship.