How A Nanny Can Help Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease

If your elderly parent has Alzheimer's Disease, then you may not feel comfortable leaving them home alone. Alzheimer Disease is a form of dementia. It affects your memory, the way you think, and your behavior. There are around 5.3 million people who are 65 years or older living with this disease.

This memory disorder becomes worse over time. It can even affect your ability to perform daily activities. Alzheimer's also puts stress on the patient and the family, and many Alzheimer's patients often feel isolated. Read on to find out how nanny services can help some with this memory disorder.

Stimulate The Mind With Brain Games

There are agencies that provide services and nannies for the elderly. It helps to choose an agency that has employees who have experience working with Alzheimer's patients. Patients with memory disorders must keep their brain active on a daily basis. One of the ways of doing this is with brain games.

Brain games challenge your mental agility and the working memory. It is common for the nanny to use memory exercises for stimulating the mind of a patient with a memory disorder. The exercises can be questions about the patient's family, career, or pets. Other brain games may include crossword puzzles, word searches, and online games. You want to help someone with memory disorders to stimulate their mind through reading, writing, talking, games, and lifelong learning. These activities help the person remember different aspects of their lives.

Prevent Your Loved One From Being Alone

It is common to not want your elderly parent with Alzheimer's Disease to be alone at any time. Many family members have to work, and you never know when an emergency may occur. On the other hand, you may just want to take time away for yourself. A nanny can give you peace of mind, knowing your loved one is with someone you can trust.

Prepare Meals

Seniors need a well-balanced and nutritious diet for overall health. As this disease progresses, it is common to lose your appetite and lose weight. You still have to make sure your loved one is eating healthy and seeing the doctor on the regular. A nanny can prepare meals and make sure your loved one is getting enough calories.

Most adult children want their elderly parents to stay active and do the things they love. You can do this by helping them to keep their independence. It helps to take advantage of resources and support for people with Alzheimer's Disease.