Sick Child? A Home Health Aide Can Be A Huge Asset

While many senior citizens who wish to stay living independently will hire in-home care to be able to stay out of nursing or assisted living homes, these aren't the only people who can benefit from in-home care. If you have a sick child, you and your spouse may be running ragged providing care. Because people often associate in-home care with the elderly, you may not even think of hiring an aide to help you — but many home health agencies specialize in pediatric care. Here are a few of the many services that an aide can provide for your child.

Wound Dressing

Depending on the reason for your child's ailment, he or she may have a wound that needs attention. You and your spouse may struggle to provide the necessary care — after all, even seeing that your child has a large wound can be highly upsetting. A home health aide can remove the old dressing to assess the wound and ensure that it isn't showing any signs of infection, and then apply whatever medication is necessary and dress the wound again.


Just as it can be stressful to see your child's wound, you may also be resistant to give him or her injections. However, doing so may be necessary at home, depending on the nature of your child's health issue. It can especially be difficult to give your child an injection if he or she is fussy, as you don't want the child to think that you're causing his or her pain. This is an ideal task for a home health aide. Not only is the aide more experienced with tasks of this nature and can do the job quicker and less painfully than you can, but you'll be able to hold and comfort your child as the injections take place.


If your child isn't too sick, he or she may long for some degree of entertainment. While a home health aide isn't a replacement for parenting, this practitioner can be a valuable asset when you and your spouse need some time off to take care of other commitments — including spending time with any other child or children you may have. Whether it's reading a book to your sick child, playing a board game, using toys, or even just going outside to get some fresh air, the home health aide you hire will be a trusted person to provide this type of gentle care for your child.

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