Is Your Senior Parent Helping Their Spouse Bathe? 3 Benefits Of Arranging For Professional Personal Care Services

Married senior couples often do many things to help each other as they age. One person taking on extra chores is common when the other spouse is not feeling well. There comes a point, however, when it is possible that your parent is doing more than is healthy for them to try to do for their spouse. Although it is sweet that your loved one is helping their spouse with personal hygiene care, it is possible that this could lead to future problems. Talk to your parents about these three benefits of arranging for personal care services in their home.

Prevent Serious Injuries 

Helping someone else bathe can lead to some risky conditions. Your senior parent may need to lean over the shower to help your loved one wash their hair, or they may have to kneel on the floor. Doing this on a slippery floor could lead to slip and fall injuries. There is also the possibility that your parent who is receiving assistance could get hurt. For instance, your other parent might not realize how hot the water is before they get into the tub. A professional caregiver knows how to implement safety standards that protect everyone.

Preserve Their Relationship

For some seniors, helping their spouse out is just another part of fulfilling their vows. Some couples may even consider it a bonding opportunity. However, some seniors dislike the feeling of having their spouses attend to their needs in such a personal way. Your other parent may worry about being a burden to their spouse, or they may worry about them trying to do too much.

The strain of having to do so much for someone else can also eventually lead to some stressful moments for the caregiving parent. When personal care tasks are done by a professional caregiver, your parents have more time to do other things that enhance their relationship. For instance, your parent could set up a board game while their spouse receives grooming services. Then, they can play an enjoyable game together afterward.

Protect Your Loved One's Skin

There is a lot more that goes into personal care than simply taking a bath or washing someone's hair. Your parent might be doing their best, but it is possible that they are unable to help their spouse hit all of the areas of their body that need care. For instance, infections and rashes can develop in skin folds that are not properly cleaned and dried. Home caregivers are also trained in how to help with common senior skin conditions such as dryness and rashes.

Personal care services have come a long way in terms of flexibility. For questions you may have about your unique situation, contact a home health care service today.