How You Can Stay In Your Home Longer

Most people want to be able to stay in their own homes as they age instead of going into a residence or healthcare home. For many, this is possible as their ability to do things for themselves stays at a relatively high level. For others, however, the need for personal care services or more intense medical help might prevent them from remaining at home.

You can stay in your home longer if you plan ahead for potential medical and other personal care needs you might have.

Talk To Your Doctor

While you are still healthy and able to care for yourself, it's time to plan ahead for the potential time when you might need some help to stay at home. Talk to your doctor about whatever illness or physical limitations you have at the moment. For example, do you have diabetes or arthritis? They could potentially cause more serious problems down the line and prevent you from being able to adequately care for yourself.

Talk to your doctor about how future medical problems could affect your ability to get around and the potential help you might need. This way, you can plan ahead by making friends in your neighborhood through church services or senior centers. If more help is needed, these organizations and people could help you secure them in the future.

Get The Support Services You Need

There is practically any type of service you might need out there. For example, if you need help with activities such as bathing, washing your hair, or dressing, you could either ask a relative to help you or you could hire a personal aid worker who is trained to help you perform those tasks. If you have planned ahead, you might have enough funds to cover the fees. There are often low-cost services in your area, or perhaps you could receive financial assistance from local groups or organizations.

Other services you could receive include doing your housecleaning, yard work, shopping, or laundry. You could have your meals cooked or have meals delivered to you. If you are worried about managing your money or paying bills, you can get these items taken care of as well.

Get Help With Healthcare

If you find that your health isn't what it used to be, and as long as you don't have a serious illness—one that requires you to have long-term care—you can stay in your home and receive healthcare help there. Personal care workers can help you remember to take your medicine, or you can order a device that will remind you.

If you are hospitalized, a personal care worker can come and work with you until you get back on your feet. They can take you to doctor's appointments as well.

For more information, contact a company that offers senior home care services.