Are You Preparing To Look For An In-Home Care Provider For Your Loved One? Three Lists You Need To Make Before Interviewing

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting an in home care provider for their loved one is not selecting a provider who meshes well with their loved one or completes the tasks that need to be done. Every in home care provider is different and the services that they offer a different. Before you even begin to interview candidates, sit down and make three lists. These lists will help an at home care provider know what tasks they need to do and whether or not they can complete these tasks, helping you to find the right caregiver for your loved one. 

What Your Loved One's Needs Are

The first list you put together should detail exactly what your loved one's needs are. Does he or she need help showering? Taking medications? Cooking food? Walking up or down the stairs? Always make a list of what their needs are and why they cannot live alone. These are the main tasks that an in home care provider is there to complete and the tasks that need to be routinely done. 

What You Expect from the In-Home Care Provider

After you have put together a detailed list of what your loved one's needs are, make a list of what you expect from the in home care provider. Do you expect the care provider to help clean your loved one's home, or will you be there on weekends or evenings to help with this task? Do you expect the caregiver to transport your loved one to appointments or is this something you will do? Putting together a list of expectations will help ensure that both you and the caregiver, as well as any other family that may be involved in the situation, are all on the same page. 

What Your Loved One Expects From the In Home Care Provider

Lastly, sit down with your loved one and ask them what they expect from the in home care provider. Many want companionship and a friend. Maybe they want the caretaker to go on a walk through the neighborhood with them or sit down and play a game or cards or read to them for a little bit each evening. They may even want the in home care provider to enjoy a meal or a cup of tea with them. Ask them what they want and expect from the caretaker as well to ensure their needs are met. 

Making these three lists may take a little bit of time, but it helps to ensure everyone is on the same page as to what is expected and what needs to be done. This helps you find the right fit in a caretaker for your loved one.