Time For The Next Step? How To Tell When It’s Time To Move Your Parents To An Assisted Living Center

 If you've started to notice that your parents need more attention than they used to, you know that it's time to start planning for their future. Just because your parents don't need medical care on a daily basis, doesn't mean that they don't need help. As people age, it becomes more difficult for them to care for themselves. If your parents have reached that stage, they may benefit from an assisted living center. Assisted living centers provide independent living while still providing the additional help that your parents may need. It can be painful coming to the realization that your parents are no longer safe living on their own. However, assisted living centers are the best option when your parents need more help than you can provide. If you're not sure that the time is right, here are some ways to determine if your parents have reached the stage where they need additional care and support.

Your Parents Need Help With Daily Activities

Look around your parents home. If it's beginning to look a bit unkempt, or they're routinely out of things that they need around the house, that might be an indication that your parents are having a difficult time taking care of themselves. It's also important to watch how your parents care for each other. It's not uncommon for one spouse to take over as primary caregiver for the other one. If one of your parents has done that, and is having difficulty keeping up with the care, you need to consider an assisted living center.

Your Parents are Isolated

If your parents used to get out and enjoy socializing with friends, but they're becoming more isolated, you need to step in. Isolation, and withdrawal from social activities, can lead to depression. Unfortunately, physical limitations associated with aging can make it difficult for some seniors to get out. Assisted living centers provide plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy social activities with other residents. Your parents will be able to mingle with friends, and enjoy life again.

You're Worried About Your Parents Safety

It's not always easy to make sure that your parents are safe on their own. Things like forgetting to turn the fire off on the stove, or leaving the fire burning in the fireplace at bedtime, can pose serious safety risks for your parents. If your parents are beginning to experience more frequent accidents around the house, they may need more supervised care than they can receive while living in their own home. Once safety becomes a concern, it's time to start looking for an assisted living center, such as Alaska Senior Living Options.